Target StyleBoutique could be the next big thing!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I've loved shopping at Target since my sophomore year of college when the store finally came to Connecticut!  So many cute things at reasonable prices for clothes and home decor.  But seriously - "Tarjay" brings up some issues too.  I usually end up spending about an hour more in the store than I had intended, which leads me to buy a ton more than I had intended.  And then as I reconsider my purchases later, I end up returning half of it.  What a waste of time!  And then I start to get discouraged with Target, thinking that maybe a more "designer" purchase would've been the right choice, but let's be honest - how fancy can I be sometimes?  Who really has the money for that? 

I just found out from today's Daily Candy that they have this blog called Target StyleBoutique where the style team gives not only recommendations on products but also style information on how to use them and how to chose the right item for your needs.  For example, today's post has a video of one of the experts discussing how to warm up your decor for the season by mixing plaids, florals, rich textures and deep colors.  They also bring in designers and outside experts like my fave - Nina Garcia {of Marie Claire magazine, Project Runway and many other awesome things...} - to give advice on how to turn some simple Target pieces into an outfit that looks on trend and works for you.

And they also have a group on Polyvore, which I may be the last person to know about, but still - NICE!

Ok, I swear I don't work for Target.  I just thought this was awesome!  I'll be checking out all the prior posts as soon as I can.  :)  And I'll probably be hitting up the local Target at lunchtime.  More about that in a later post...

{Side note - so far, the only downside I've noted is that they only show the first two lines of each post in Google Reader - so annoying.  I read all my blogs in that, and how can I possibly read ALL of them if I have to go to 50 different sites???}


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