Welcome to gloss glamour & grace

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello everyone!  I'm so psyched about my first blog post.  I've been thinking about it for TOO long now..."what do I say?", "what don't I say?", "will anyone even read it?", "why didn't I sign up for that Blogging Your Way e-course?!", and so on.  But the bottom-line is - who cares!  Isn't that the point?  The whole reason I'm creating this blog is to DO something.  So no more second guessing.  Guaranteed I'm going to look back at this at some point and cringe, but the only thing that matters is that I did it.  So here goes...

Who am I?
Well, I’m a newlywed & new homeowner from the east coast who loves most things glossy & glamorous {my many fabulously glossy magazine subscriptions, the design blogs that I drool over read all day/everyday, lacquered black anything, the stunning 1940’s chandeliers in the ballroom where my husband and I were married, the sparkly Jimmy Choo’s I was fortunate enough to wear on that day - oh the list could go on and on} - hence my blog name.  

But let's be honest - this is all just stuff, right?  Stuff that, technically, we shouldn't take too seriously.  "There's more to life" and all of that...  So I try to remind myself that my world is a better place if I do and say things with a bit of grace. 

{That was not supposed to rhyme.  No seriously.} 

That being said, I can't promise that my blog will always show me at my most graceful self.  I mean how entertaining is that?!  No one wants to read a blog about how perfectly graceful someone is.   

What will I write about?
Well I'm not a professional blogger - obviously.  I'm not an interior or graphic designer.  I'm not really an expert in anything that I could write about that would interest most people.  But this past year-and-a-half has brought so many new things into my life – a marriage & a new home being two of them.  So I intend to use this blog for quite a few purposes:
  • I'm going to document my exploration of all things domestic (e.g., cooking, cleaning, decorating, renovating) at which I am rarely graceful.  As a new wife & homeowner, I am determined to accomplish these things, but I suspect it’s going to be a challenge.  Hopefully, there are few disasters.
  • It will serve as a platform for me to express any bursts of creativity that I have, whether it’s fashion, decorating, photography, or even just pictures of things that make my heart beat a little faster.  Or discussing anything that is just currently my favorite - or least favorite for that matter.
  • I'm also going to document my travels - however near or far that may be.  I can’t say it’s always fab {hello – camping!}, but I do try.
  • Finally, it will allow me to focus in on accomplishing the things I want out of life before it passes me by.  I’ve just turned 30, and it’s occurring to me that I graduated college more than 8 years ago {Go Huskies!}, yet it seems like just yesterday.  (Probably much more on this in posts to come.)

Why am I here {in the blog world, that is...}?
As I mentioned above, I read LOTS of blogs.  I just absolutely love them.  My husband finally pointed out that I should create my own blog.  {Huh.  Good point, Hubs!}  I literally never considered such a thing.  I mean I tend to be more of the entertainee as opposed to the entertainer, but in the {fairly played-out but seriously true} words of Julie Powell - "I can write a blog. I have thoughts." So here I am – a lot late to the game, but hopefully not too late to party.

Clever and simple graphic created and displayed by one of my fave bloggers, http://www.livecreatingyourself.com/.  {You may also know her as the managing editor of Rue!} 

A few more things:
  • I can't promise that I will spell properly or use perfect grammar/punctuation all of the time so please don't take it personally.  I will absolutely do my best - that's the type A in me. 
  • These are early days so I can't promise that I will post daily, but I will certainly try to be consistent. 
  • I will try to keep my posts short, to the point (i.e., they won't all be this long-winded - jeez!), and filled with pictures.
  • I welcome comments, but please keep them clean and respectful and related to my blog posts (i.e., no spam, thanks.)
  • I also welcome the use of my posts & pictures as long as you link them back to me or ask permission to use them prior to doing so - which I will also do my best to do with others' work. The use of them should also only be in clean and respectful ways. 
Till next time…
~ C