Nursery Diaries #3 - The decision has been made

Friday, July 15, 2011

Update: So sorry for posting this 3 times!  I was having trouble with the pics at the bottom causing it to not be recognized as a new post in feed readers as well as adding a bunch of code to the email subscription.  Should be fixed now - I hope!

Woohoo!  Remember the room we chose for the nursery?  Well, as I mentioned, J took all that wood off the walls and uncovered plaster that was in horrible condition.  So he and his best bud spent an afternoon smashing down the offending plaster, which lead to a full week of allowing his back to recover, to uncover this...

Nothing special.  Just what was expected {excluding an old bee-less bees nest and a few rotting boards}.  We still had the issue of the ladder up to the attic, which you can see on the left side, that takes up a large chunk of the room/wall space.  So we talked to contractors and determined that we could spend a good $15k putting in a real enclosed staircase, changing the doorway to the room and making this into an even smaller bedroom with a closet under the stairs just so that the finish portion of the attic could become a usable fourth bedroom.  Sure that's nice and all, but why would we do that?  Keep in mind we still only have one small full bathroom and two small half-baths, one of which is on the main floor and one of which is in the basement and doesn't count in my opinion.  And then who thinks we have an extra $15k just laying around when we have a baby on the way and a house getting painted?  So needless to say, I was not comfortable with these suggestions.

Then my father-in-law came up one afternoon to help repair the rotting section of the wall, and he unexpectedly convinced J that we should in fact be making this into the guest room since it is used so infrequently, and the current guest room should be the nursery.  {insert angels singing!}  Yay!!!

So now we get to fix up the bigger room for little Bean with very few limitations, and we still get to turn this smaller room into a usable and stylish third bedroom with wiring from this century.  And as a bonus, because this room shares a portion of a wall with our own bedroom, we get to hook up our room with cable and grounded outlets without hacking into things!  {again - insert angels singing!}

So here's a reminder pic of the room that will be the nursery.   Again, this is how it looked in the realtor pics before we purchased the house.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a pic of it as our guest room. But trust me, although comfy for sleeping, it wasn't particularly special.  Still the same old paint colors.  J fondly refers to the trim color as "honey mustard".   

I know what you're thinking.  No, we're not keeping it.  We've chosen the paint colors for the nursery, and J is nearly done with that so I can post pics of it soon.  Here's the deets.

Wall color: Cobblestone from Martha Stewart Living, mixed in low-VOC Behr Premium Plus Ultra.  Now I wish I had chosen Olympic No-VOC, but what's done is done, and there are still quite a few months before the baby will actually go into the room.

Ceiling color: Pebble from Martha Stewart Living, mixed in low-VOC Behr Premium Plus Ultra.

Trim & doors: Cloud White {an off-white color} from Benjamin Moore.  We're going to be using this as trim color on the entire upstairs and had some leftover from our bedroom.

{photo credit: Home Depot


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