Nursery Diaries #6 - DIY Projects 1

Monday, March 12, 2012

When I pictured the little toot's nursery, I envisioned a pretty dresser with a changing pad on one side and a basket of diaper-changing essentials on the other - like this gray one from my inspiration post:

Or even this mid-century style:

{By the way, one of my best friends gave me those same owl bookends a year or two ago, and while I think they look cute on my own desk, they'd be really sweet in Alexa's room! And I LOVE the look of the shelf above the changing area with a delicate mobile hanging below. Alexa loves to look up at the pictures that are on the wall and wiggle and kick, and I suspect that a mobile would be much more fun so I'm on the look-out.}

Anywhosey - I set out in search of a beautiful dresser but was ultimately disappointed. Didn't find much on Craigslist in my area. Such a bummer! I found LOTS on Etsy like this and this (both so pretty!), but sadly they were too expensive for our budget...same with ebay. I looked at and lots of other places and then decided I was sick of the whole process altogether... Lucky for me, J's old dresser wasn't in use so he suggested I refinish it. He figured that even if I didn't end up liking it for the nursery, it was bound to be an improvement from what we had. (Apparently, I didn't take a good "before" pic, but you can see the drawers in the background and get the idea.)

I've never refinished furniture before so I wasn't really sure where to start. Fortunately, Jenny from Little Green Notebook had just posted a super-detailed how-to about refinishing an upholstered chair (definitely bookmarked it for another day). I figured the painting portion of it would work for the dresser as well.  I dedicated a weekend to it and recruited Hubs to help when I got tired. This pic looks like I started him really early on, but really he just wanted to fix the cracks before I started painting.

And ta-da...

Turned out pretty great!  The only negatives are that I'd prefer it to be longer like those examples above and since it's an old dresser, the drawers are tricky to slide in and out.  Down the road, we may switch to one with drawer glides, but for now, this works.  My favorite part is the hardware.  I'll admit that J and his dad did the pulls for me. I started to do it, but it was driving me nuts. Of course, I didn't just buy pretty replacement knobs. I wanted these pulls I mentioned here that look like crowns. :) So I had to fill or cover the knob holes and then measure out the new holes and then drill them exactly where I measured them while keeping my belly out of the way...I didn't last long. They took pity on me and figured out a faster way to do it.  I might have put the pulls on the bottom three drawers in a little on either side, but the effort of getting the correct placement on that wasn't worth it in my opinion.  :)

And here's a close-up. I love them! Fit for a little princess.

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{Photo credit: laybabylay via Pinterest / It's Great To Be Home / the rest are my own}


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